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Elis M. Feeling ft Vivi Alexaki - Twin Pain (Progressive House)

SoundCloud Link : TwinPain

Vaggelis Mourelatos a.k.a. Elis M. Feeling had his first contact with music back in 1998. His music style is disco-funky-electro-intelligent house vibes. Thanks to his devotion in practicing at dj techniques and his music education (seven years of piano and synthesizer plus two years of guitar lessons) he started dj-ing and producing very young (13 years old).
With three years of experience in house parties and small cafes and nine years work experience in clubs and night life in Greece, he is a pro in his sector. The clubs he has worked are Dex Club,Republic Club,Bocca Bar, Dose Bar ,Decco club, Cascol bar,Patras Danza Club, Bijoux club ,Patras Envy Club, Di Oggi club, Glamour Beach club, Kikoo bar ,NV Daluz Club , Barcode Club, Disco ROOM,MODs club, Splash Club, Avantgarde Bar,Tirebouchon Bar,Hall Bar, Sao Beach Bar. He has also participated as guest in many university events ,in Patras famous Carnival parties, at the Century Club (Ithaki),at Drazel Club(Athens), at the Tropicana Club Paradise beach (Mykonos) , at the Cinema club ( Nafpaktos ) ,at the Koursaros Beach Bar(Aigio), at the Outside club (Kefalonia) , at Inside bar (Kefalonia). He was producing the radio show "Club Kiss" in Patras Kiss FM until 2007, and now he produces the "Are U Feeling House Enough" Radio Show at the best Radio Stations all over the world.
Now he is about to enter discography with his own productions (intelligent house tracks, remixes, bootlegs).Elis future plans are connected with Kinky Basement Productions: Big parties, a lot of fun and taking over the local and international dance scene.
Keep the house music Alive.

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Amy Winehouse - Just Friends (Kevin Bjorn Remix)

                          SoundCloud Link : Amy Winehouse - Just Friends (Kevin Bjorn ReMix)
  Kevin Bjorn is a music producer born in Greece and the last six years living and working in Oslo.                                                                                                                                                       

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1000mods - Vidage (Stoner Rock)

1000mods is a psychedelic/stoner rock band from Chiliomodi, Greece. They were formed in the summer of 2006 and since then, they have played over 100 live shows, including openings for Brant Bjork, Colour Haze, Karma to Burn, My Sleeping Karma, Radio Moscow and many others. Their commitment to vintage equipment, thick and heavy analog sound and their remarkably passionate on stage performance is what sets them apart.
 In the beginning of 2007 they released their first (self-financed) EP “Blank Reality” on CD, and in December 2009 they stroke back with a brand new 7’’ EP titled “Liquid Sleep”, available on coloured (light green) Vinyl by SuiSound(CTS prods). They also released a limited edition split tape with the German psy-doomsters Wight.
In October 2010, the almighty Billy Anderson, the man behind legendary albums (Sleep, Melvins, Neurosis, Om, Los Natas, Orange Goblin etc…), visited Greece in order to produce the band’s debut album “Super Van Vacation”. Malleus Art Rock Lab took care of the artwork. In September 2011, the German label Kozmik Artifactz released the album on Double Vinyl and the Greek label CTS prods on Digipack CD.
 1000mods toured Europe during October 2011, in order to promote their new album. They played 25 gigs in 12 countries. Some of the tour's highlights were appearing as special guests in Up In Smoke 3 and supporting White Hills.
- Dani / Bass & Vox
- Giannis / Guitars
- George / Guitars
- Labros / Drums

Rita Mosss - Blue Sugar (Punk)

                                                   BandCamp Link : Blue Sugar

Η RITA MOSSS, γερμανοεβραία στην καταγωγή, αποτελεί γνωστη και παλιά καραβάνα του αθηναικου πεζοδρομίου και όχι μόνο.
Συγγρου, Βουκουρεστίου, Σόλωνος, είναι μερικά από τα γνωστά «στέκια» στα οποία σύχναζε. Όντας καλλιτεχνική φύση από μικρή ηλικία
υπηρέτησε με απίστευτη προσήλωση και πάθος την τέχνη του έρωτα. Το πλήρωμα του χρόνου όμως έφθασε κάποια στιγμή και μετα από
μια πολυετή πορεία έπρεπε να αποσυρθει σιγα σιγα. Μια όμως τόσο δραστηρια και ανησυχη προσωπικότητα δεν θα μπορούσε να φανταστει
τον εαυτό της να κάθεται άπραγη περνώντας βαρετά τις μέρες της συνταξιοδότησης της. Οποτε στον ελευθερο της χρόνο που είναι πια
αρκετος, εχει αφιερωθει στην σύνθεση τραγουδιων και συγγραφή στίχων. Λόγω προχωρημενων αρθριτικών και πρεσβυωπίας, αδυνατεί να
υποστηρίξει την Live performance των πνευματικών της έργων, γι'αυτό το λόγο εκμεταλλεύεται δύο καλους μεν, όχι και τόσο έξυπνους δε
παλιούς πελάτες της, με μονο αντάλλαγμα λίγη από την ερωτική σοφία της, απόσταγμα σαράντα και πλέον ετών στο κουρμπέτι.
Γιατι η Rita Mosss είναι μια γυναίκα με πάθος και λίγο πιο χαλαρή κωλοτρυπίδα...

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The You And What Army Faction - When It Comes To Adultery I Am My Own Genre (No Wave/Post-Punk)

The You and What Army Faction is an artistic expression of the inexpressible. Music of chances. Sound, nightmare and scream trading. Art of zero potential and endless possibilities. Self-taught sounds and visuals. Living Dream juice. We become savages, advancing against society. We ‘re voices etched on sandpaper. We’re here to hurt and disappoint. We feed on Art for breakfast. Art for lunch. Art for dinner. Punk for diet. Skate for peace.

Exposed By Observers - In My Skin (Indie/Electronica)

Hi, is this thing on?
We are Exposed By Observers.
We use cheap samples,clicks,bleeps,beeps and guitar riffs.
We play sonic punk with a digital edge so as to rape the listener’s ears.
We are rasmio-late night bath singer, evilplaymobils-toilette synth player, stratos-bedroom guitarist.
Inspired from Nite Versions, Myths of the Near Future, Sabotage, Trainspotting, Catan, we are almost celebrities, weekend rockstars and bedroom djs.
Thank you for your attentionhttp://soundcloud.com/exposed-by-observers

Monsieur Minimal - Candy Face (indie pop/ electronica)

Monsieur Minimal (real name Christos Tsitroudis, in Greek: Χρήστος Τσιτρούδης) is a music composer from Thessaloniki, Greece . Born and raised in Giannitsa, Greece (a small city a few kilometers outside Thessaloniki). He came up with the moniker of “Monsieur Minimal” wanting to express himself through his music, simply and as a gentleman.
He became involved with music when he was 14, where he formed a band in Giannitsa with child friends of his. This was his first step in composing his own music. He started composing as “Monsieur Minimal” though, since 2001, when he bought his first personal computer.
One of his first steps into becoming known, was his participation in Coca-Cola Soundwave Festival in 2007, where he was one of the most successful competitors with his songs “Silk” and “Love is a Circle”. His song “Silk” was included in a compilation of Coca-Cola Soundwave bands that was released with Greek press/magazine “Lifo”.
The first official release of his songs, was through the compilation “City Campers” by The Sound of Everything recordings. He was the artist from the City Campers compilations that drawn the most attention. After this all drawn attention and enthusiasm over his music, he was signed to The Sound of Everything recordings.
He released his debut album Lollipop in September 2008, which was an electronic release with indie pop influences. The album was praised by media and press and had impressive number of sells.

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Nalyssa Green - Push Your Lips (Indie/Folk)

H Nalyssa Green ασχολείται με τη μουσική εξαιτίας μιας εσωτερικής, επιτακτικής ανάγκης για έκφραση και επικοινωνία. Είναι αυτοδίδαχτη και γράφει τραγούδια, τραγουδά και παίζει κιθάρα, πλήκτρα, ακορντεόν και θέρεμιν. Το 2010 ηχογραφήθηκε από την ίδια και τον παραγωγό της Σπύρο Λιβάνη ο πρώτος της δίσκος με τίτλο Barock. Ο δίσκος αυτός φτιάχτηκε στο φοιτητικό δωμάτιο του Σπύρου με τρόπο lo fi και do it yourself. Το 2011 κυκλοφορεί σε συλλεκτικό λευκό βινύλιο από την Inner Ear. Το Νοέμβριο του 2011 η Nalyssa αρχίζει να ηχογραφεί το δεύτερο άλμπουμ της με τίτλο The Seed. Οι ηχογραφήσεις έγιναν σε ένα σπίτι σε ένα χωριό της ορεινής Κορινθίας- ξανά με τρόπο σαφώς σπιτικό και χειροποίητο - από τη Nalyssa, το Σπύρο Λιβάνη - ο οποίος επιμελήθηκε την ηχογράφηση και την παραγωγή - και το Εβάνκελο Ασλανίδη. Το The Seed κυκλοφορεί ήδη ελεύθερο από την Inner Ear . Ο νοηματικός άξονας αυτού του δίσκου διαμορφώνεται από σκέψεις γύρω από τη φύση και τη φυσική υπόσταση του ανθρώπου σε αντιδιαστολή με την κατακερματισμένη, βιαστική, αστική πραγματικότητα. Ο σπόρος, φορέας υπόσχεσης για το μέλλον, τρέφεται από το χωμάτινο περίγυρο του για να μεγαλώσει και να γίνει κάποια στιγμή ορατός και απτός. Είναι το σύμβολο ελπίδας και αισιοδοξίας γι αυτό που έρχεται, γι αυτό που φυτρώνει πάνω σε αυτό που φεύγει. Η αγάπη θα θριαμβεύσει.

Τρίτη, 27 Νοεμβρίου 2012

David Kassi - Cube (Electronica/House)

Dimitrios Kasiaras a.k.a. David Kassi, was born in the city of Lamia, Central Greece in 1987. From a very young age, David's love for electronic music was apparent and started experimenting and playing with synthesizers. At the age of 16, he started writing and producing his own original music while DJing at many local clubs and cafes.In 2005, and only 18 Years old, he signed his first contract with critically acclaimed Pangea Recordings. A release containing 2 tracks "A Room with a view" and "Future Dream". Following his first release and the positive feedback he'd received, David got inspired and began writing music a bit more seriously.Soon after that, his talent was recognized worldwide and his tracks were flying off the shelves and getting signed to Behold Records (USA), Ready Mix Records (CANADA), Frosty music, Refrazed recods, No Smoking Recordings...David was also busy remixing tracks for Stathis Lazarides, Jesse Perrez, NTFO, Christian Paduraru, Big Al. Also his tracks have promote by John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, DJ Tarkan, Tarmo Vannas and many others.2009 promises to be massive for David and you will definitely be hearing lots of good things about him.

Δευτέρα, 26 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Remi - I Wait For You (Folk/Indie)

Singer – songwriter Remi (Angelos Kyprianos) grew up in the island of Spetses. Since 2009, he had already begun to put true stories from street into music, influenced by journeys to several cities of Europe. Songs from the first album entitled “Street Serenade” were literally written on the road, while the album was recorded in a custom home studio, with the assistance of friends and fellow musicians. In 2011 he recorded the album “The Gospel Of The Road”, a project made of seven people that collaborated for one season for the making of this album, in compositions of his own.
Until now, Remi has performed in various venues around Greece and Europe. He has released two albums, filmed one video clip and three documentaries. In collaboration with his group(2012), they won a music contest “Band’s Festival 2012” that took place in Volos, hosted by radio station “Kiss Fm Magnisias”. He also received the award of “Most contributing artist” from the “American College Of Greece(Deree)” as a graduate of music studies.

SoundSense - Wind Vibrations (Psytrance/Prog Trance)

                                           SoundCloud Link: SoundSense - Wind Vibrations

Dimitris Kananis a.k.a SoundSense is a producer-dj without any knowledge about audio engineering etc.what u hear is purely experimental.but love for electronic music makes it unique..enjoy ...

Τετάρτη, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Meden Agan - All Seems Lost (Metal)

Meden Agan was formed in November 2005 in Paris, France by guitarist Diman Koutsogiannopoulos. Their first demo was released in April 2006 and received very good reviews and feedback. Their first full-length album, Illusions, was released in November 2007, and contained progressive metal songs with male vocals. During that period, the band shared the stage with bands like Pain Salvation, Skyclad, Within Temptation, After All, Bloodtales, ETHS, and The Old Dead Tree.
 After a one-year hiatus as Diman returned to Greece, Meden Agan started working on new songs featuring lyric leggero soprano vocalist Iliana Tsakiraki and a new keyboardist. Soon, they released their first EP, which was called Nemesis – Promo 2010. This promo contained five progressive/symphonic metal songs with operatic vocals. The new line up was: Iliana Tsakiraki (vocals), Diman Koutsogiannopoulos (guitars), Tolis Mikroulis (keyboards), Aris Nikoleris (bass), and Panos Paplomatas (drums).
 Meanwhile, Iliana was honored by participating in the recordings of the 2011 album The Great Mass by the Greek demons Septicflesh. She handled the operatic vocals on the song "Oceans of Grey" and also in the orchestral limited edition of The Great Mass for the songs "Pyramid God," "Oceans of Grey," "The Undead Keep Dreaming," and "Apocalypse".
 Soon after, the band entered the studio in order to record their album Erevos Aenaon. The album will be released in September 2011. It was recorded at ARTemis Studios, and was produced and mixed by Mark Adrian (Elysion, Bare Infinity, Bob Katsionis). Before the release of the album, Panos was replaced on drums by Ploutarchos Tsouris. The album artwork and photo shoot were made by Seth Siro Anton (Septicflesh, Paradise Lost, Kamelot).

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Blame The Trees - Conscience (Post Rock/DnB) NEW 2012

                             SoundCloud Link : Blame the Trees - Conscience

This is a new track by Blame the Trees.  Blame The Trees are a five piece post-rock / trip-hop collective from Athens, Greece. Influenced by diverse music ranging from Mogwai and God is an astronaut to Massive attack, Portishead and Nerve; their music combines explosive leads and ambient melodies driven by inspired female vocals.
Talina Blame (vocals, keyboards)
Harry Lite (guitar, effects)
Panos Rodopoulos (drums, samples)
Alex Mavrogiannis (bass, samples)
George Kariotoglou (keyboards, guitar, samples)

Τρίτη, 13 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Zac F feat Peggy - Petit Renee (House)

Zac f began his mixing career at late 80’s moving through disco and funk to, house and hip-hop in famous clubs in Athens and Santorini.
Till now with deep, tech and minimal house style.
At the same time being a musician, soon drove him to music production and remixing.
2005 started his collaboration with “PLANETWORKS” making tracks for a lot of best sellers compilation such as “ LA SUITE” ,”SUNSET & SUNRISE”,”REMIX”,” ENIGMA WET”,”SEDUCTION” etc.
2007 starts his collaboration with “THE SOUND OF EVERYTHING” and makes his debut album “A NIGHT AT THE PORT”: a minimal - electronic flavor.
2011 the second album is coming…“A NIGHT AT THE PORT II” again by “THE SOUND OF EVERYTHING” with deep , tech and a sense of minimal flavor.
He makes tracks for “GALAXY MUSIC HILTON”
“KETJAK” and more…

Σάββατο, 10 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Still Gramophone - Going Around (Experimental/Jazz/Pop)

Still Gramophone started as a bedroom music project of Ilias Staboulis to finally become a live five-member band. In 2009, Still Gramophone recorded and released their self titled debut album on Cliche Records. The band rearranges the songs for performing them live and also is in the process of writing some new ones.http://www.myspace.com/stillgramophone

Masturbation Goes Cloud - The Figs Figs and The Tub Tub (math rock/ kraut rock/ experimental )

Mgc is a project that is based on creating real time layers with the 6 string bass (fender jaguar baritone custom), using a loop pedal, with synths and drums following and creating some monotonous but psychedelic motifs.With many influences from bands of the math rock and kraut rock scenes, their music has been even characterized as "autistic rock", due to their obsession in specific rhythms and minimal and repetitive bass lines.

Τετάρτη, 7 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Bob Katsionis - The Nightrager (Instrumental Fusion/Metal)

Bob Katsionis (17/2/1977) is the guitar/keyboard player in FIREWIND (Century Media) and OUTLOUD (AOR Heaven) touring throughout the world and making music since 1993.
He also runs Greece's most experienced Video Making company for Rock/Metal artists (Progressive Vision Group-established 2002), Sound Symmetry Studio (Athens,Greece established 1996) and is a professional keyboard and guitar tutor.

Lemonostifel - Corn Flower (Indie/Experimental Rock)

Οι Lemonostifel αδιαφορούν για κάθε είδους περιορισμό και καταργούν τις ταμπέλες. Η μουσική τους μπορεί να χαρακτηριστεί ηλεκτροακουστική, ροκ, πανκ, σουινγκ, φανκ, εθνικ, τζαζ με μεσογειακά και βαλκανικά στοιχεία — τρέχα γύρευε δηλαδή. Δημιουργούν κομμάτια τα οποία είναι εντελώς διαφορετικά μεταξύ τους, μα εξίσου άριστα εκτελεσμένα, ενώ ερωτοτροπούν με τις ατμόσφαιρες. Οι μελωδίες τους είναι πλούσιες, χορταστικές, που προσγειώνονται κατευθείαν στο στομάχι σου και από εκεί εξαπλώνονται σε κάθε κύτταρο του κορμιού σου.
Παρ’όλο που το υλικό τους είναι ξεχωριστό και πολύ προσεγμένο, δεν διστάζουν να το διαθέσουν ελεύθερα για δωρεάν ακροάσεις και download.

Κυριακή, 4 Νοεμβρίου 2012

The Fuzzy Nerds - Beautiful (Fuzzy Rock)

Formed in 1994 in Ioannina (Greece) by Andreas and Petros Vyzoukis (guitars, vocals), along with Kostas Dimitriou on drums (in the first original line-up) and the participation of several other musicians on drums and bass. Their first recording took place on a demo containing 19 of their songs, which, however, was never completed. Andreas’s death in September of ’95 ceased every activity of the band. http://www.thefuzzynerds.com

Semen of The Sun - Chocolate Cake (Heavy Rock)

The band was formed in 2003 by a group of friends in Athens Greece The idea was to play heavy rock and have fun This idea is the same, the first songs the band recorded in late 2003 and the song "confusion "participating in the first compilation of an independent label called" Spinalonga Records "A couple months later, and after the band had played several gigs at clubs and festivals SOTS get in the studio with a new line up record a 7-track CD called" An old dog "
At the March 2008 release of their debut album" Radio Adult - slow songs cheese and wine "loved and supported by Lab & Spinalonga Records

Σάββατο, 3 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Rosebleed - I Want To Have It All (Alternative Rock)

Rosebleed is a 5 piece alternative rock band from Athens, Greece with male vocals. The members of the band came together in 2004 at the tender age of 16. Rosebleed believe that music has to evolve always into something better and new as the years go by, so that’s what they’re trying to do by experimentation and by not imprisoning their creativity in one specific genre of music.

Παρασκευή, 2 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Blame The Trees - The gentleman thief (Post Rock/Trip Hop)

Five people with different ideas but something in common.
Post Rock collaborates with Trip Hop.

Sleepin Pillow - Holy monster (Experimental Rock)

Sleepin Pillow is a 6 member band formed in 2004, in Thessaloniki – Greece. The band’s music philosophy is based on bringing together modern psychedelic rock along with greek and eastern traditional music and English lyrics.
In June 2008 Sleepin Pillow’s first album “Apples on an orange tree” was released by Shift records (Archangel Music). “Apples on an orange tree” is included in the Top Five of the best albums released in 2008 in Greece.
Amplifier in my heart is the first video clip from this album to have received significant airtime in local tv stations. Some of the album songs are resident on the play lists of the most famous radio stations in Greece.
The band has been interviewed by some of the most widely read music magazines and newspapers all over the country, while the band’s performances in Greece are receiving applauding reviews. . In April 2010 Sleepin Pillow's second album was released by Shift records under the name "Superman's blues"
Over the last few years the band's performing in Greece having taken the best critics ever. Supported by a light show and visual projection team, Sleepin Pillow's live performance is a total experience as the six members appear on stage almost undercover giving their light show a flavour of drama..
Now the band is no longer with any recording label.Digital distribution by Orchard.

Monsieur Minimal - Bitter feat. Hiras (Carnatt B Remix) (Deep House/Tech House)

O monsieur minimal γραφεί και συνθέτει τα τελευταία 5 χρόνια. Αποφοίτησε από το Τμήμα Ηλεκτρονικής Μουσικής και Τεχνολογίας του Νέου Ωδείου Θεσσαλονίκης με καθηγητή τον Δημήτριο Αδαμ.Διακρίθηκε μέσα από το διαγωνισμό της «The coca-cola sound wave festival» με τα κομμάτια “silk” και “love is a circle” παράλληλα συμμετείχε στη συλλογή της “The sound of everything” “city campers” όπου σημείωσε σημαντική επιτυχία. Τον Νοέμβριο του 2008 κυκλοφορεί απο την The Sound Of Everything το debut αλμπουμ με τίτλο Lollipop.H μουσική του χαρακτηρίζεται από έντονα indie pop στοιχειά χωρίς να λείπουν απο αυτήν, electronica πινελιές. Το περιοδικό «Status», ένα απ τα πιο αναγνωρισμένα αντρικά περιοδικά στην Ελλάδα, τον πρότεινε στην κατηγορία του «πρωτοεμφανιζόμενου της χρονιάς 2009». Το «smile», ένα απ τα τραγούδια του άλμπουμ «lollipop» χρησιμοποιείται στο διαφημιστικό της μεγαλύτερης διατροφικής αλυσίδας «Safeway» σε Αμερική και Καναδά κι απ τη Citroen Hellas προς εξυπηρέτηση ενός διαφημιστικού κλιπ.

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Τρίτη, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2012

DarkRed&aVodka - I'll walk forgiven (Electro/Experimental))

 Soundcloud Link :  I'll Walk Forgiven

DarkRed&aVodka is a common yard, where independent artists meet, perform and create music. Actually, an experiment in progress of creative coexistence of different types and origins of music...

Christos Fourkis - Sanduri (Progressive House)

Christos Fourkis was born on the 12th of January 1981 in Aigio, Greece. Music has always been a part of his life since childhood.
His passion and appreciation for music, lead Christos into the world of Dj’ing introducing new and diverse musical innovations to his crowd. He started Dj’ing in the early period of 1997 performing in local clubs. His DJ appearances have been loved and respected nationally and now internationally by performing on many well-known Internet radio stations.
The year of 1998 Christos Fourkis entered the world of producing electronic music. He purchased his first personal computer and analogue hardware to start composing his own electronic music. Professionally, Christos has been producing for 4 years and his first productions received a very good response from very well known and established artists. Currently, he has started his first batch of remixes and also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music.
Self-taught, Christos Fourkis has always followed his heart towards his goals to create genuine, impassioned music. Throughout the years of practicing and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering as well as his mastering sound techniques.
His dream and ambition is to express his feelings and make people understand his music when he is on the Decks.

Thodoris Triantafillou - The Saddest Story (Deep House)

Γεννημένος το 1977 ο Θοδωρής Τριανταφύλλου απο την πλήρως εξοπλισμένη με ραδιοφωνάκι κούνια του δέχτηκε τα μουσικά ερεθίσματα της δεκαετίας ‘70, άκουσε μουσικές της δεκαετίας του ‘80 απο τις κασσέτες της οικογένειας και των φίλων του, μεγάλωσε παρακολουθώντας βιντεοκλίπ στο MTV, αγοράσε δίσκους την δεκαετία του ‘90 όπου και ξεκίνησε να τους παίζει σε τοπικο ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό της Αθήνας και σε διαφορα πάρτυ και club την εποχή της έξαρσης της Rave σκηνής .
Την ίδια δεκαετία ήρθαν τα cd και άρχισαν να αντικαθιστούν τα βυνίλια απο τα περισσότερα δισκάδικα όπου άρχισε επίσης να αγοραζει.
Μέσα απο τον πρώτο του υπολογιστή έμαθε να γράφει μουσική και να κάνει τις πρώτες τυπικές παραγωγές.
Στο τέλος της δεκαετίας του ’90 κυκλοφόρησε το πρώτο του single, έγραψε ένα album και το διεθεσε χωρίς αντιτιμο για download απο το web site που είχε στήσει με ονομα metadubsoundesign.com (MDSD). Την δεκαετία των 00΄s εξελίχθηκαν τα mp3 σε παγκόσμιο μουσικό format, ο τρόπος διανομής της μουσικής άλλαξε και η ευχέρια να κυκλοφορήσει και να διανεμηθεί η μουσική ήταν μεγάλη αλλά και χαοτική.
Κάτω απο το όνομα Novox ο Θοδωρής παρεα με τον Lostra στις αρχές των 00’s κυκλοφόρησε 5 δίσκους EP όπως και αρκετα remix. Μέσα στην δεκαετία αυτή συνέχισε σόλο καριέρα με το όνομα του αλλά και σε συνεργασία με τον συνέταιρο του στην δισκογραφική Rhythmetic records CJ Jeff σε διάφορες δισκογραφικές εταιριες. Η παγκόσμα διανομή και οι πολυ καλές πωλήσεις έφεραν κριτικές και support απο τα μεγαλύτερα ονόματα της club σκηνής (James Zabiela, Richie Hawtin, Groove Armada,Tiefswartz, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham, Josh Wink και πάρα πολλούς άλλους).
Ο Θοδωρής Τριανταφύλλου γράφει και παράγει ότι τον εκφράζει χωρίς παροπίδες για μουσικά είδη και format. Αγαπάει τον clubήχο και το clubbing αλλά έχει παίξει σχεδόν όλα τα μουσικά είδη (HipHop, Soul, Funk, R’n’B, Drum’N’Bass, Breaks, Techno,House E.t.c…), έχει αρκετές επιρροές απο ολα αυτα και πιστεύει πως "η ποιότητα, ο χαρακτήρας και η διάθεση του μουσικού συνόλου είναι αυτό που κάνει την διαφορά και όχι το είδος της μουσικής που πάιζεις" με αυτό το σκεπτικό θέλει να δημιουργεί ατμόσφαιρα και να διασκεδάζει τον ακροατή σε όποιοδήποτε μέρος και αν βρίσκεται.
Όλα αυτα τα χρόνια έχει συνεργαστεί με τα περισσότερα Club, Events και Festival της Αθήνας, της επαρχίας αλλά και της Ευρώπης. (Dybbuk, Watergate, Cavo Paradiso, Synch, Animal, Mikro, F Beach, Salt ‘N Pepper, Monroe, Αλσος, Berlin και πολλά άλλα...)
Βρίσκεται ανεmειγμένος σε πολλα project (Events, Parties, Bookings, Music Production κ.λ.π.) όπου μπορεί να κινείται άνετα μεταξυ αυτών. Οι μουσικές του βρίσκουν υποστήριξη απο μεγάλα ονόματα της παγκόσμιας club σκηνής και αποδοχής απο πολλούς λάτρεις της μουσικής βιομηχανίας. Συνεχίζει να είναι παρών στις μουσικές εξελίξεις και προσπαθεί πάντα να είναι αυθεντικός σε αυτό που κάνει και πιστός στα συναισθήματα του προς την μουσική που παράγει.
Οι τελευταίοι μήνες τον βρίσκουν να συνεργάζεται με τον CJ Jeff όπου μοιράζονται και την δισκογραφική Rhythmetic και τον Monsieur M, όπου τρέχουν το Project “Modernism”, αλλά και το design / music production Studio “Glory Hill”.

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pascalk- cub44 (Deep House)

Kevin Bjorn is a music producer born in greece and the last six years living and working in oslo
                                                     Kevin Bjorn - CUB44 (Deep House)  

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Cayetano - Circle of Life (Dub / Funk / Downtempo) 2012

On September 17th 2012, Cayetano returns with his crowning achievement, the album he is proudest of, ‘’Once Sometime”, on Klik Records’ new sub-label Pale Sound Records.
As James Andrew said:
"Cayetano seems to walk in a road made for him, by him. A unique, colorful road. And he walks really nice".

Giorgos "Cayetano" Bratanis
Cayetano - live electronics
Dj Booker - turntables
Cayetano - sampling, keyboards, melodica, voice
Dj Booker - turntables
Georges Perin - vocals
Alex Archontis - drums
Yannis Bellos - bass
Tasos Peltekis - guitar
Alex Papoulidis - guitar
Dimitris Tselios - saxophone, flute
Themistoklis Dimitrakopoulos - sound engineer

Stereo Nova - Ένα κλεμμένο ποδήλατο (Electronic)

Στέρεο Νόβα (also known as Stereo Nova, σΝ) was a Greek band formed in 1990 by Κωνσταντίνος Βήτα, Μιχάλης Δέλτα (Mikael Delta), and Αντώνης Πι.
They first began working together under the name Bobby Blast in 1986, writing instrumental, acid influenced electronic music. In about 1990 Κωνσταντίνος Βήτα began writing some lyrics, and the group added them to their songs. They changed their name to Στέρεο Νόβα, and released their first, self-titled album in 1992.
Their music was based on electronic forms, influenced mostly by trip-hop, house, ambient, and techno. The lyrics were usually not sung, being closer to being spoken word or rap.
They released six albums: Stereo Nova, Discolata, Asyrmatos Kosmos, and the drone compilation, Telson, Vitamina Tek, and several smaller releases, before their end as a group in 1997.
Αντώνης Πι left the group in 1996. Κωνσταντίνος Βήτα and Μιχάλης Δέλτα continued for one more year.

Dropeners - 182 (Alternative Rock)

Dropeners, are an alternative-rock band based in Ferrara, Italy. The band consists of founding members Vasilis Tsavdaridis (voice, guitar, piano, synth) and Francesco Corso (drums) and also Francesco Mari (guitar) and Enrico Scavo (bass), who joined the band in late 2011 after the departure of Daniele Piovan (guitar) and Davide Piovan (bass). They released their debut album "Drops Of Memories" on
13 May 2009 which was recorded and produced by the band itself and was well received by music critics. In the summer of 2009 Dropeners played at Rock On Loredan, a festival located in north-Italy and also at Postbloo Festival in Athens (Greece), a music festival held on the beach. On 25 January 2010, their song "182", was broadcasted for the first time on Best Radio 92.6, one of the most popular radio in Athens, thanks to the radio producer Dimitris Papaspyropoulos. From January 16th to February 10th of 2010 there was a photo exhibit by Luca Maruffa, at the Hush Gallery in Istanbul (Turchey) and Dropeners’s music was it’s soundtrack. In May 2010 they played live on "Mad TV" of Athens (Greece) and they gave a concert at Six d.o.g.s. , a club of the greek capital. Also during the same month, Dropeners’s “182” became part of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’s digital compilation “Hope trails”. On April they played live, giving also an interview on Rome’s Radio Inblu, one of their song was broadcasted on the national radio program “Melisland” and on the 4th of May 2010 they played an acoustic session on Radio Sound in Ferrara. On 29 November 2010 Dropeners released "Silent sound EP", which was also recorded and produced by themelves. On 20th of December the tenth compilation of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos called "Long missed heroes" (The Spicy Effect record label) was released,including among others [Tim Buckley, The National, Michael Hutchence ft. Bono (U2)] Dropeners’s song "Beautiful mistake" (taken from "Silent sound EP). Also on February 2011 they gave their song "Beautiful mistake" to the theatrical performance "Middle" that took place at the city of Salonica in Greece. Finally it’s important to underline the fact that both Dropeners’s cds are available for free downloading on the internet.FREE DOWNLOAD "Drops of memories" 2009: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzamjzjgu5 "Silent sound (EP)" 2010: http://www.mediafire.com/?0tm93voidnw0wd4

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Rotting Christ- Nemecic (Black Metal)

During their rehearsal era in the late 1980s, the band began as grindcore and released various demos and splits with other bands from the Athens area. The group would later alter their sound with influence from proto-black metal bands like Celtic Frost and Venom, and in the process became one of the genre's instigators. Their 5 song demo, Satanas Tedeum, would show a grindcore/black metal crossover, followed by their career-breaking EP, Passage to Arcturo, in 1991.
One of band's first major appearances was on the 1993 "Fuck Christ Tour" consisting of Immortal and Blasphemy. During this concert, some audience members had engaged in cutting and self mutilation that resulted in hospitalization.Before signing to Unisound, Mayhem's Øystein Aarseth had expressed interest in distributing the band through his "Deathlike Silence Productions" label, but due to Aarseth's murder the same year, nothing materialized. The band would sign to Century Media in 1996 and remain on their roster for 10 years before joining Season of Mist.
Rotting Christ have played in many countries outside their native Greece, including both Americas, Greater Europe, Russia, the United Kingdom, Malta and the Middle East. Several heavy metal festivals around the world have hosted the band, including the 2003 Wacken Open Air in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Past tourmates have included My Dying Bride, Tristania, Tiamat, Vintersorg, Finntroll, Agathodaimon, Old Man's Child, Malevolent Creation, Anorexia Nervosa, Vader, Krisiun, Deicide, Behemoth, Melechesh and Nile, among many others.
As of 2012, Rotting Christ have been around 25 years, one of the longest running bands within the black metal genre. In celebration of the band's longevity, the 2 DVD + 2 CD compilation, "Non Serviam: A 20 Year Apocryphal Story," shot in Athens on December 8, 2007, was released worldwide February 23, 2009.
Aealo, the band's tenth studio album, was released on February 15, 2010 for Europe and February 23, 2010 for the USA.
Rotting Christ is currently working on a new album, which is due for release in early 2013.

Eventless Plot - Gramma ( Impro, Noise, Experimental, Electroacoustic)

Eventless Plot is a trio from Thessaloniki, Greece. They
borrow elements from di fferent genres and aesthetics to
build their own hybrid of sound. From free impro and
noise to new electronica, electroacoustic composition
and jazz, their music remains always unconventional and
contemporary. They are experimenting with a variety of
instruments, analog sources, eld recordings and
Max/Msp patches. Active from 2002 in the experimental
scene, they participated in numerous festivals such as
“Synch festival” (Athens, June 2008) and shared the stage
with many artists like Giuseppe Ielasi, Angel, Vladislav
Delay and more. They have several releases in their
archive including the full album 'ikon' (Granny records
2009). Eventless Plot are also working on designing
sound and composing for art installations and lm. In
November 2008 after a request of Thessaloniki’s International
Film Festival along with Granny records label
mates Good Luck Mr. Gorsky they composed and introduced a soundtrack for Victor Sjostrom' s “Phantom Carriage”. Currently e.
plot's members are travelling between Thessaloniki and the Hague (Netherlands), extending their musical experience by
researching on electronic music and participating in many electroacoustic and free improvisation projects (including workshops
with Richard Barrett, Peter Evans, Evan Parker, Sarah Nicolls among others) with obvious in uence on the development of their
new sound.http://www.eventlessplot.com

Kitephonics - Words ( electronica/ambient)

Με μουσικό alter ego το project Φανταστικοί Ήχοι που απέσπασε ενθουσιώδεις κριτικές με την εμφάνισή του στο φετινό Synch, ο Kitephonics δημιουργεί πολύχρωμα ηχητικά υφαντά, πάντα με electronica/ambient βάση. Ως επί το πλείστον μελωδική και εσωτερική, η μουσική του διαφεύγει κατηγοριοποίησης αφού από τη μία μπορεί να δημιουργεί συναισθηματική techno με 4/4 beat επάνω σε αιθέριες μελωδίες και από την άλλη να σαμπλάρει τη φωνή της Ελευθερίας Αρβανιτάκη για να την εναποθέσει σε post-rock ατμόσφαιρες. Κομμάτια του έχουν συμπεριληφθεί στη συλλογή City Campers, και στην forthcoming Radio Lunatica της VIM Records.

Universe217 - The C song ( Down tempo rock)

 Universe217 is a greek band with elements of doom experimental and live improvisations!Check our latest effort in our reverbnation profile,which is downloadable!!!

Cinekod - Alone with the trees ( Post Rock / Experimental / Shoegazing)

Cinekod were formed on 2006 as musical quartet by Emil (guitars), Chris (bass), Peter (drums) and john (vocals).
Under this form they recorded their first demo and after a while they separated due to disagreements.
Chris and Emil kept on playing and writing music. While searching for drummer, in autumn of 2007, they met Seraphim and as a musical trio, without vocals anymore, they recorded new de
mo and at the same time they started their live performances.
On February of 2008 they started recording their first official music work and they continued their appearances in different places in Athens, shaping their style that belongs to the wider field of post rock and psychedelia.
The outcome of their recordings is distributed at the end of October by Guillotine Sound and will be presented at Kinky Kong on October the 31th.
On February 2010, they started recording songs for the next album. This time they decide to make a little more personal album so they took care for all album production. After many many work the record finally finished on October 2010. 9 tracks and 3 personal interludes between post rock / post punk / shoegaze & darkwave sounds. The second album called Departed and was realesed on November 2010 by CNK productions. http://cinekod.com/

The Prefabricated Quartet - Canon (Alternative / Experimental / Rock )

Michael Sionas (bass, double bass, voices), Dimitris Tasoudis (drums), Theodore Papadimitriou (cello), and cmyk (electric guitar) composed, arranged and performed the music for some short films.
The films that carry the sounds of the Prefabricated Quartet are:
-Tempest (2003)
- Protection (2005)
-Mines (2006), directed by Christos Nikoleris
-The Cat (2005)
-Single String of Pearls (2006)
directed by Vassilis D.Kehagias
- In Music (2006), directed by Aris Kotronis
- Side the Sail(2007)
The Prefabricated Quartet’s album “Side the Sail” contains parts of the music that has been used in the soundtracks of some short films, and some songs inspired by the same musical components.
Side the Sail was released by RunDevilRun records in January 2007 in a handmade carton package    

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Bog art - Roses (The Icy Game of Reason)

Three persons in a combination of different musical styles and influences giving shape to songs that speak of love,hate, life, death, the absolute truth and other lies... Alternative rock, post blues, post punk, post container.

Etten - Northern Lights ( Alternative / Electronica / Other)

Etten (aka Eleni Tzavara) is a greek singer - songwriter.

She released her debut solo album In November 2009. It was entitled “I know you’re behind me but I’m not scared”. The record was produced by Coti K. and Mikael Delta and received excellent reviews.It was listed amongst the best albums of 2009. The cover of the album (made by greek artist H.O.P.E. and Etten) won an EVGE Award (National Awards for Graphics and Illustration) in the category “Cover Illustration” in April 2010.
She collaborated with greek alternative band “Film” for 2 albums ( “No luggage” and “Angel b”).
In 2009 she collaborated with one of the most important greek artists of electronic music, Lena Platonos. She sings “Red Rosy” a new track of Lena Platonos and she has also made a series of live appearances by her side at “Kyttaro” club.
Etten also appeared as a singer and lyricist on Mikael Delta's album “Tech me away”.
Etten has written music for various art exhibitions, dance-theatre performances and she has also participated in theatre plays.
Her compositions are based on electronic, electric and acoustic elements. The final outcome is a combination of unique melodies, synthetic rhythms and multi-layered vocal lines.

A Victim Of Society - You're Gonna Hate Me (Lo-Fi/ Experimental Surf)

A Victim Of Society is a lo-fi project which formed in 2011 in Athens, Greece. Consists of V.Makris(vocals, guitar) and F.Ntouskas (guitar). The band’s sound has been described as “strangely upbeat, placed somewhere close to 50s rock’n’roll heyday with a few subtle cold wave influences with distant, rasping vocals”. They have released an E.P., which can be found at

Pop Eye - A Vicious Game (Pop)

Popeye wasn’t their favorite comic book hero! But Pop music has always been their passion, in 2005 Dimitris, Markos and Giannis decided to form their own pop band and look at pop music through their own “pop eye”!
Just a couple of years later and with no recorded album yet, they attracted Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’ (one of the most popular radio producers in Greece) attention and their song “If You…” was included in the best selling compilation “Silent Wonder” compiled by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.
That was enough to create a buzz around their name and just a bit later their debut single “The Deepest Sea” was released by The Sound Of Everything with remixes by GAD and a french-style re-work by The Flying Silly Brothers. The single received massive support by the local indie radio stations.
Their debut album “Pop Eye” came out by Shift Records in 2008, containing one more hit single called “That’s Life”.
In the next few years the band gave a series of successful live performances in Greece (Athens Video Art Festival, Gagarin, Gyalino Upstage, An Club, Soul Stereo, Braff Club, Khpos/Syxnothtes, City Bar, European Music Day, BIOS, Art House, Partisan Bar, Stavros tou Notou).
Now they are preparing their second album. The first taste of it comes with the single “Night Falls”. True to their pop origin Pop Eye deliver a summer, cheerful song, likely to inspire warm feelings and smiles in the listener. Definitely Unknown is the B-side but nonetheless with equal radio potential.  http://www.myspace.com/popeyegr    

Gardenbox - Sweet Oblivion (Post Rock)

GardenBox started off in late 1998. Since then theyve been creating and recording their music in their own studio, pursuing an orbit of constant development. With a background of a few individual productions on limited edition, they proceeded with their first official release in 2003 (PN22CD, self titled, POETA NEGRA RECORDS). Now, having just released The Last Resort (VEIN002, Venerate Industries
) their second official release, the band is gathering momentum for a series of live shows. At the same time, and following a brake of two weeks (sic), they have started working on new material. GardenBoxs music aims at illustrating the sound of contemporary cityscapes. Through an alternation of electronic and electric sound as the leading vehicle, they attempt to outline the conditions of urban life. With their resonating allusions to current trends of electronica and post rock, they create a sound idiom that is individual, prolific and tence. The compositions are vigorously intreaguing, featuring drastic transitions and peaks. Their structure is at times dominated by layers of electronic sounds and beats, at others by the circular unfolding of melodic passages on guitar. http://www.gardenbox.org/  

Expert Medicine - Perfect Maniac - (Club / Electro / Rock)

 Aliens dressed like rock-stars
came along and talked to us:
“take our advice
since this spaceship
landed in your backyard”http://www.expert-medicine.com

Sugahspank! - Kill The Bitch You Got In Ya ( Funk/Gospel/Swing/ Experimental )

Η Sugahspank! γεννήθηκε στον Πειραιά το 1982. Από τα 14 της χρόνια ασχολείται με τη μουσική και το performance μέσω διαφόρων underground σχημάτων, παίζοντας πολλά κ ετερόκλητα είδη μουσικής, από soul, funk και hip hop μέχρι rock, blues, gospel, swing, experimental, rapcore και nu metal, πάντα προσπαθώντας να πλησιάσει την πιο πειραματική πλευρά του κάθε είδους.
Το 2004 τελείωσε τις σπουδές της στα ΜΜΕ. Τότε σχηματίστηκαν οι Sugah Galore, η μπάντα που την ανέδειξε ως μουσικό, και μέσα από πολυάριθμα live και φεστιβάλ το group τάραξε τα νερά της underground Ελληνικής σκηνής. Το 2006 η Sugahspank! γνωρίστηκε με τον Βlend aka Mishkin, αρχικά για να συμμετέχει στο album Misplaced. H συνεργασία τους προχώρησε πολύ παραπέρα, αφού μερικούς μήνες αργότερα και μαζί με τους Dj Palov και BnC σχημάτισαν την ανεξάρτητη δισκογραφική εταιρεία Cast-a-Blast. Το label απέκτησε πολύ σύντομα καλή φήμη λόγω των προσεγμένων κυκλοφοριών του σε reggae, hip hop & downtempo ρυθμούς και σύντομα ήρθε η παγκόσμια διανομή από την M Connexion        http://sugahspank.blogspot.com/                                                                                                                                               

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Nechayevschina - Yeniçeri (New-Wave/ Drone Kraut/ Psychedelia)

Nechayevschina were born after a failed jam in a failed studio. Its members do not rehearse that often, and the only reason this page exists is because of the need of some to get laid. Despite our name, we are pure honey-bunnies and the only cruel thing we could be accused of is voting for stalinists

Gloire Carton - Polansick ( Indie Pop / Shoe-Gaze /Lo-Fi)

Glory was a member of the band Couch Potatoes until their dissolution in 2007. After that, she decided to start a solo project of hers, going by the moniker “GloryBox”. Soon enough, she had her first works uploaded in her myspace webpage and organizing her first solo gigs. In 2008 she compiled some of her recordings into CD, thus making it an album of her works named Unzip My Ventilated View.
Near the end of 2009 she dropped the “GloryBox” moniker and adopted the present naming of “Gloire Carton”.
In her first live show performances she was always supported by her friendly session members. Nalyssa Green and Tonti Prodnic are the most recognized.
On July 2010, Gloire Carton released their second album Stop poking my balloon.From now on Gloire Carton won’t be a solo project but a band.In this album Thieves(bass) and PoorMargo(keys) contributed.With this line up they performed live several times around Athens. A couple of months ago Tonti Prodnic(on the drums) joined the band. But due to a health problem we couldn't play together anymore.
we are working on new stuff at the moment...

Drog A Tek - I Touch ( Electro/Acoustic/Punk)

                      Οι drog_A_tek είναι ένα ελαστικό µουσικό σχήµα που αυτοπροσδιορίζεται σε κάθε του συνάντηση· ένα ετερόκλητο αλλά και εκλεκτικό σύνολο αυτοσχεδιαστικής αταξίας που δηµιουργήθηκε το 2001 στην Αθήνα, το οποίο ηχογραφεί στιγµές σε πραγµατικό χρόνο και παράγει προσωρινά ηχητικά/ οπτικά περιβάλλοντα. Χρησιµοποιεί, ακουστικά, ηλεκτρικά και ψηφιακά µουσικά όργανα, γραφοµηχανές, τεχνολογικα σκουπίδια και αλλα αντικειµενα, συχνότητες, εικόνες, ηχογραφηµένα αρχεία/τοπία µε τα οποία κατασκευάζει µικρές δηµόσιες αποσπασµατικές αφηγήσεις. Οι drog_A_tek εξελίσσουν τις παραστάσεις τους πέρα από κάθε κανόνα χρήσης των υλικών τους. Εκπέµπουν, αλλά και λαµβάνουν, γνωστές/ άγνωστες διηγήσεις και εφήµερες επιθυµίες. Τυπώνουν µουσική, αφίσες, stickers, γράφουν σε τοίχους και στο διαδίκτυο.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Bog Art - Worms - Rehearsal Sessions - part II ( Alternative Rock/ Post Blues/ Post Punk)

Three persons in a combination of different musical styles and influences giving shape to songs that speak of love,hate, life, death, the absolute truth and other lies... Alternative rock, post blues, post punk, post container.   http://soundcloud.com/bog-art

Darkon - Another Day (House/Electronica)

Kostas Nakopoulos, aka Darkon, is fast rising producer and DJ based in Chios island, Greece. Having loved electronic music from a young age, Darkon began producing in 2000, and released his first artist album, titled "Stay With Me", in January 2008. Darkon quickly followed up with his "Last Destination" album on Ocean Drive Records, and since then he has released many tracks on a number of respected labels. In addition to a prolific producing output, Darkon hosts the "Progressive Vibes" radio show on Pirate.FM

Dark Souls Day - Dark Love ( Gothic Rock/Indie/Gothic Metal)

Dark Souls Day were formed by Nikos and Pepi in 2004. Nikos is a musician and he has been part of several groups. Music technology is his passion and he owns a home studio where he records and produces albums.One of his most important productions is the album "No Land For Escape" by Laissez Faire. Pepi writes lyrics and helps with back vocals. "Electrify" and "No time" were included in EKSOSTRAKIS
MENOS (THE EXILED) movie , which is a film by Nick Samaras (Crazy Greek Productions). Soon "dark love" will be included in a new movie of Nick Samaras,which is called CONSPIRACY OF BLOOD (Crazy Greek Productions). At the present dark souls day are preparing their new album , which is going to be released with new songs by subexistance productions.

Ekos Quartet - Black 'n' White Frames (Trip Hop / Down-tempo / Electronica)

Ekos Quartet Biography It was when ForTune gave some music experimentations on classical and hip-hop sounds to The Ant, and he immediately proposed him to form "something". After working together on music and lyrics during 2004, Stelx joined them as a guitarist in 2005. Not much later than that, the three of them found Eskimint, who had been working on trip-hop vocals by herself. They formed Ekos
Quartet in November 2005, and recorded their first song, “Fortune’s lake”, in January 2006 and they performed live for the first time in December 06. During 2007, the band gave many live concerts and kept producing new tracks. This opportunity gave them the courage and the inspiration to start expanding their musical horizons, mixing downbeat, electronica, funk, hip-hop, jazz breaks, post rock, classical samples and ambient sounds, all based on a tripping background and mood. Their first release was the song “Free with you” in “Concealed Truth” compilation by Andrianos Papadeas (June 07). They also released 4 tracks in the multi-ep part of the compilation "City Campers" a bit later. In 2008, they have appeared as a quintet in some concerts, after the addititon of George PapaG (bass), while Mandragora has been helping the band on their live sound. They also completed the recordings of 13 songs in "Silicon" studio. S-fx and Ekos have mixed their debut album, "In a dream full of charm", while Bob Katz did the mastering. Ekos Quartet had been working on this album until late 2008 (about to be released in 2009). Their aim is to achieve evolution, improvisation, experimentation and originality through their musical journey, during which they can express their emotions and talk about a world that can be more beautiful and charming, rather than controllable.

Bad Signal - Alive (Alternative Rock)


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Misuse - Desecid (Experimental/ Instrumental Rock/Electronic)

“Formed in 2001, Misuse are considered by most as the definitive post-rock band in Greece.
And there is a good reason for this consideration: not only was their debut album very well received by both critics and fans, but mainly because Misuse never fail to deliver an outstanding live perfomance.
It is no suprise that they have been Mogwai’s constant pick in their greek tours and have shared th
e stage with acts such as: Silver Mt. Zion, Piano Magic, Cripple Black Phoenix and more...
People will not think Misuse is the definitive greek post-rock band anymore. Not because they’re not. It’s because during the three years after their debut, the band has been experimenting with new sounds, textures and styles that push boundaries beyond the post-rock genre.
In their sophomore album, April, Misuse took a bold step towards new sonic planes. However, no matter how far they went, they managed to maintain the feel and the identity of the band.” - from spinalonga.net