Τρίτη, 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Katrin The Thrill - Unreal (Alternative/Indie/Rock)

Katerina Panopoulou started creating music as a teenager with friends, and that's when she got the bug. One year later when the fledgling band broke up, she got herself her first electric guitar and wrote her own songs.
In 2001 she moved to England to study music. Two years later, back in Greece she teamed up with guitarist Gina Dimakopoulou, violinist Katerina Michailidi, bassist Iakovos Siaparinas, drummer Dimitris Panagiotopoulos and formed the band Dementia Praecox. After many live performances, she moved to London to further her studies. During her stay in London, she performed as a solo acoustic artist.  In 2007 under the indissoluble name Katrin the Thrill, she participated in the Coca Cola Soundwave competition and won a place among the 5 best music acts. The video clip of the song "If You Believe in Dreams" was shot and the track was included in the "Music on the Coke side of Life" compilation. For the next 2 years Katrin the Thrill performed in Greece at Terra Vibe, Gagarin 205, Vrachon Theater, European Music Day, Bios, Athens Gay Pride, Festival Against Racism,Indie Free Festival and was the opening act for Manic Street Preachers, GregDulli and Electrelane.
In 2009, following the devastating fires that swept through Greece, as well as many other places around the world, the concept for "Earth Is Calling Us" EP was devised, and the need to take action and help reforestation was fully realized. In December 2010, "Earth Is Calling Us" was released as her first solo project with Gina on guitar, Maria Roka on bass and Tolis Toleas on drums. The EP is dedicated to the earth and the environment and part of the proceeds goes towards the reforestation of the burned forests of Greece. In January 2012 the first reforestation was successfully completed.
In December 2011, after eight months of intensive studio work, her new album was ready to be released, but an unfortunate event postponed everything; at the last minute the record label deal broke down and all production costs needed to be covered for the album to see the light of day. A successful Indiegogo online campaign was organized, and Katrin's fans raised over $2,000 to bring her unique vision, "Evil Eye Charm" to reality.In September 2012, her new album "Evil Eye Charm" was released and gained outstanding reviews

Δευτέρα, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

15 50 - Tis nixtes ntinomai paidi (Rock)

The 15 50 was formed in early 1998 and currently consists of: Alexandros Michos-vocals, guitar-Rousseto Dimitroglou, Tassos Stavraka-keys, Joseph Moshopoulos-guitars - vocals, John Rani (drums) and John Koumetti-bass.
In September 1999 they released their debut self-titled album with the record company PLANETWORKS. This album received excellent reviews from "difficult" critics (including but Zeal-ATHINORAMA, Lambropoulos DIFONO-u) and the preference of the producer of the radio station "Atlantis" (five weeks at number 1 of the top-ten producers - together).The album, with producer John Metheniti (NITRO FM), contains eleven tracks, including an instrumental and a cover version of Radiohead. The first VIDEO CLIP the eponymous album is the 15 50 "isoun pantou", which aired from late February 2000 to November of that year the channel MAD TV. The second VIDEO CLIP played on the same channel by early June 2001 until October of that year, and on the track 'traveler of the desert. " In November 2004 they released their second LP, entitled 'Some Sunday', the record company ENERGY TEAM. This album is also the subject of excellent reviews from all of the music (not only) type. This time the production of diligent personnel themselves 15 50, and mixing curated by singer, Joseph Moschopoulos. This album contains 12 tracks in total. The first VIDEO CLIP of this disc is the song "kapoia kyriaki," which from the beginning of March 2005 and beyond, played on all music channels, both nationwide, and locally. On October 1, 2007 released by the company MUSIC BOX INTERNATIONAL (MBI), the third album with the title "osa mporeis ', which contains 12 total pieces, including an adaptation of the famous song “den eisai edo” who performed the first large Dimitra Galanis. The pieces “akoma mia fora-den eisai edo” “osa mporeis” and played in the winter 07-08 in the radios of the capital, and the province. Indeed, the “osa mporeis” heard the radio spots advertising the company JACK DANIELS by which the 15 50 have stable cooperation. Also, this piece was included in the collection of high jack 2009 (pan vox).The first disc VIDEO CLIP this related piece “akoma mia fora-den eisai edo” and running by January 2008 across all channels nation-wide. This section has been included in collections: the Greek's high jack - 2009 (pan vox), non-stop 40 John Greek (legend), the pop and rock shows: Modern Greek Theatre (modern times). Finally, in March 2009, under the participation of 15 50 in the film "Dust of time" by Theodoros Angelopoulos, released the cd single “anapteo” which includes songs that were played in the movie which was released as a re-package the album “osa mporeis”. At the same time 15 50 have composed and recorded and edited the production of music on two tracks included on the disc by Vassilis Papakonstantinou titled "metopiki", released in March 2007 the company EMI.These pieces are "apogeyma tis kyriakis" and "kapse me". Expected release of fourth album entitled "agries nyxtes" from HEAVEN MUSIC.

Liebe - Models (Electronic/Pop)

 Liebe is a duet from Greek art capital Thessaloniki. Their main influence is the sound of the 80's.

Formed by Dimos Zachariadis and George Begas in 2009, they had their debut album "Club Royal" released during 2010 by Planetworks/Universal.

During these last years they 've had the chance of participating in some of the major festivals in Greece, such as The river party, Reworks, Dramaica, Earth wind as well as supporting Schiller amongst others, performing original tracks and video art as well as Pet shop boys, Soft Cell, OMD and Human League remixes.

Their new album "Somewhere in time" is now available at major record stores in Greece by Undo records/EMI.

Adolf plays the jazz - form follows function (Post Rock/Shoegaze)

This is the new album of adolf plays the jazz you can find it here : adolf play the jazz Bandcamp.
 In essence, the band is formed in 2002, even though the first song created under the name Adolf plays the jazz was created in 1998 (it's "Frank Zappa needs haircut", which was later included in the Muzzle the birds EP).
 2005 marks the first official release, cognac or brandy ep. The style of music is influenced by the post-rock scene, albeit with some cinematic elements, which are made even more obvious through the use of samples or movie dialogues.
 Their music has always been distributed for free and this will always be the case for Adolf plays the jazz. You can download all our stuff for free at http://adolfplaysthejazz.weebly.com/
 Next, Muzzle the birds EP is released, which is a compilatons of previously unreleased songs written between 1998 and 2005 and in 2006 the first LP is released, titled Art Brokolo. It incorporates some heavier and more progressive elements, with an ever-present cinematic feel. During the same year, another compilation is released, featuring songs from all previous releases. Its title is Another slice ? and was handed out in the Red Sparowes concert in Athens that year.
 2007 marks the release of Melt EP and day 4 | urban fiction part 1 which are both part of a tribute to life in the city, the latter being the first volume of a concept album, as suggested by its title. Melt EP features a more electronic/trip hop song structure, with heavier use of loops and samples.
 Adolf plays the jazz have never had a specific line-up. Anyone who has been involved in our releases and activities in any way is considered a member of the band. Of course it's not about a collective of any sort.
The terms post-rock and shoegaze might be the most appropriate to describe their music, but adolf plays the jazz are influenced by everything they listen to, read or see...